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Parents and grandparents want the best for the next generation. Gifting the gift of wise legal advice is a meaningful way parents and grandparents can assist their loved ones to buy a home.

Gift Card.

Give the gift of life-changing legal advice. Our gift cards are a practical and affordable way to significantly assist your loved one to buy their own home.

Parents and grand-parents often wonder how they can meaningfully assist adult children with purchasing their first home. One way to make a huge difference, for a one-off, affordable cost, is to ensure their loved one receives important legal advice before and during the conveyancing process - and that's what an Ashmor Legal gift card does.

Over the years, we have assisted thousands of first home buyers with buying their first home. Our 'straight talking' approach ensures first home buyers hear what they need to know, which sometimes can be information that is difficult or impractical for family members to provide.

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Give the gift of wise legal advice

How does it work?

Valid for three years from the date of issue, our gift cards enable the recipient to receive unlimited standard contract reviews until they purchase a property.

What do I receive?

Each gift card is emailed to the purchaser as a generic graphic file / PDF that can be customised and easily printed off for the recipient. Please let us know once the recipient is presented with their gift card, then we will initiate contact directly with them, to introduce ourselves and explain how we can help with their property search.

How much does it cost?

$1,295 + GST. This is payable in full via credit card only (facilitated by Stripe Payments).

Anything else I need to know?

Our professional fee is pre-paid and locked in, even if our professional fee rate increases during the three year period after the gift card is issued. Urgent reviews are excluded, so are the types of properties we can't assist with, see the Buying Property page.

The only charges applicable to the recipient (when they eventually buy a property) will be any out-of-pocket costs incurred during the conveyancing process (such as property certificate costs, ZipID fees and licence agreement fees - see under How much does it cost? on the Buying Property page).

Our gift cards are not transferrable (you must nominate a recipient name, and they must be an Australian citizen or permanent (not temporary/provisional) resident).

Gift cards are non-refundable unless in accordance with Victorian and Commonwealth consumer laws.

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