Booked out for urgent reviews on Tuesday 5 December. The last day to submit standard (free) review requests in 2023 is Friday 8 December. We are completely closed for the day on Monday 11 December, and from 23 December to 14 January (both dates included). No settlements and reviews on our closure dates.

A couple buying their first home can find the process complicated and intimidating. We aim to make the journey empowering and seamless - no jargon, and there are no silly questions! We have helped thousands of first home buyers purchase their first home.

Buying, selling or transferring a residential property in Victoria? Need a contract reviewed before you sign it?

We are a digital conveyancing law firm for existing residential properties in Victoria. We can assist Australian citizens and permanent residents. All our standard contract reviews are free and delivered via WhatsApp voice messages.

Buying a property is the most important financial decision most people will ever make. We are here to make the process seamless and stress-free.

We only do conveyancing. And we get that your time is valuable.

Our contract reviews are free, unlimited and delivered via WhatsApp voice messages, so you can listen whenever you want. No missed calls, no boring written reports and no legal jargon. We explain things clearly and make practical suggestions for how you can negotiate the best deal on the property you want to buy.

Our Services

Buying a property is one the most important financial decisions you will ever make. We help to ensure you have no regerts!

Buying Property

If you are planning to buy an existing house, townhouse, apartment, unit or vacant block of already titled land in Victoria, we can assist with the conveyancing - but please don't sign anything until we review the contract first!

Anyone selling a property should have a robust contract to protect them, and a first class vendor statement/section 32, to ensure the sale is watertight. We have assisted thousands of Victorian vendors with selling their residential properties.

Selling Property

Need a contract and section 32/vendor statement prepared for your upcoming sale of a Victorian residential property? We can help with that.

When relationships ends, property ownership changes. We can assist with helping to make the transition stress-free.

Transferring Property

Spousal property ownership changes, transfers under Family Law property settlements/Court orders, deceased estate beneficiary transfers, survivorship applications - yes, we can help with all of those too.

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Why choose us

We are a law firm, not a conveyancing company.

A lawyer of nearly twenty years' experience will review your contract and manage your file. And we can handle most tricky “legal” issues if they arise, without any additional costs to you.

You are very busy, we get that.

We don't have appointments, you won't miss our calls and we don't send you boring written reports. Our aim is to make conveyancing easy and stress-free for our busy clients.

Our contract reviews are free, uncapped and you can listen to them on WhatsApp whenever you like!

And we'll email you the wording for any suggested contract changes. But we're not buyers' advocates, so we'll leave negotiating with the real estate agents in your capable hands.

We have helped thousands of clients and reviewed tens of thousands of Victorian contracts.

But we can't assist with off-the-plan contracts, retirement villages, stratum, company share and commercial properties. We don't review loan/guarantor documents or building contracts. We don't witness you signing any documents. And the only legal services we provide are the ones listed on this website.

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