Booked out for urgent reviews on Tuesday 5 December. The last day to submit standard (free) review requests in 2023 is Friday 8 December. We are completely closed for the day on Monday 11 December, and from 23 December to 14 January (both dates included). No settlements and reviews on our closure dates.

Anyone selling a property should have a robust contract to protect them, and a first class vendor statement/section 32, to ensure the sale is watertight. We have assisted thousands of Victorian vendors with selling their residential properties.


If you are selling a Victorian residential property, you will need a contract of sale + section 32/vendor statement prepared - we can help with that!

You must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident. If you are an executor, probate must have been granted already. The property must already be titled (not off-the-plan), not company share or stratum title, and not in a retirement village.

How does it work?


Send us your details and the address of the property.

Please include your email address and mobile phone number where we can reach you on WhatsApp - and please let us know if anyone referred you to us (so we can thank them!).


We'll respond with within 2 business days.

We may ask you for more information, to enable us to confirm the scope of work and our quote.


Let us know if you're happy to proceed.

We'll then open a file new and send you an invoice you half of our professional fee + estimated out-of-pocket costs (see How much does it cost below). Any funds that aren’t used stay in our audited solicitor trust account and are credited to you when our final invoice is issued, which is about a week before settlement day (whenever that is).


When our invoice is paid, we'll get to work.

We'll ask you for some relevant documents (like your Council rates notice) and promptly order the rest of the property certificates to include in your section 32/vendor statement. We will work with your appointed real estate agent to ensure they have everything they need to sign up your purchaser, including a Section 27 Deposit Release Statement, if relevant and appropriate. It usually takes about a week to prepare a contract for a house, or about 2 weeks if there is an Owners Corporation involved.


What happens after the property is sold?

We will liaise with your bank (if you have a mortgage), the real estate agent and the purchaser’s lawyer/conveyancer to prepare for settlement.

How much does it cost?


$1,295 + GST is our professional fee for conveyancing, plus any out-of-pocket disbursement costs we incur.

Out-of-pocket disbursement costs include all the property search certificates we are legally required to include in the section 32/vendor statement (such as a title search, planning certificate and Owners Corporation Certificate). If we can avoid you incurring some of these costs (such as by using copies of your water bill and Council rates notice), we certainly will!


How much will you need to pay in addition to $1,295 + GST?

Vacant land, free standing houses and units / townhouses with no active Owners Corporation (body corporate): $300 - $400 + GST. Units and apartments with up to two titles and one active Owners Corporation (body corporate): $500 - $600 + GST. Units and apartments with three or more titles, two or more Owners Corporations (body corporates): we'll provide a customised quote. Exactly how much you will need to pay depends on various factors, including how many titles and Owners Corporations affect your property, and if there are any covenants, Section 173 Agreements and caveats registered on your title. We'll confirm the applicable amount before we commence any work.

Please note: if you don't sell the property, there is no further charge and we will refund you any remaining funds held in our trust account.


Anything else we should let you know?

  • Default notices, licence agreements and lease assignment agreements each incur additional professional fees, usually $310 + GST. This will be added to our second invoice.

  • If you need to include a Section 137B owner builder defect report in your secction 332 / vendor statement (we will let you know if you do!), then this must be arranged at your own cost please.

  • We don't review real estate agent exclusive authority agreements, discharge forms, loan/mortgage and guarantor documents, and we don't issue solicitor certificates.

We carry full professional indemnity insurance and operate an audited solicitor trust account.

Ready to get started?

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