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Buying and selling a home is among the most important financial decisions anyone will make. By sharing our insights over a decade of experience, having assisted thousands of clients, we aim to make the process empowering and stress-free.


Tips, FAQs and pearls of wisdom from 20 years of legal experience. Be empowered to buy, sell and transfer property with confidence.

We've acted for hundreds of Victorian first home buyers over the last decade. Here are the three most important things first home buyers need to know about buying a property.
Top three tips for first home buyers

We've assisted thousands of first home buyers. Here are the three most important things they need to know about buying a property.

Three big mistakes first home buyers make, and how avoid them - essential reading for anyone interested in buying a property.
The three biggest mistakes first home buyers make

We've assisted thousands of first home buyers. Here are the top three mistakes they make, and how to avoid them.

We bust the myths, and take the stress out of buying a property.
Eight surprising myths about buying a property

Buying a property is an exciting, life-changing experience, but there are many myths about the process - especially if you're a first home buyer.

Here are our top three legal tips when inspecting a property you are considering buying.
Top three tips when inspecting a property

Thoroughly inspecting a property, before you buy it, is extremely important. Here's how to get the most out of your inspection.

How to make the most out of an open for inspection.
How to make the most out of an open for inspection

Coming prepared, and using your time wisely, are crucial when inspecting a property you are interested in buying.

A buyer's advocate can provide invaluable assistance to a prospective purchaser.
A jargon-busting guide for first home buyers

Real estate and legal jargon can be overwhelming for first home buyers. Here's a handy guide to some commonly used terms.

Conveyancing is the legal process for changing ownership of a property.
What is conveyancing?

Here's a handy summary of the steps involved in conveyancing.

The most important aspect of buying a property is how you will pay for it. Obtaining sufficient finance approval before you sign a contract, and before a contract becomes "unconditional", is essential.
What do pre-approval and subject to finance approval mean?

Finance is the most important thing to organise when buying a property, especially before making an offer.

There are various ways to make an offer for a property you are interesting in buying. The process depends on whether the property is listed for auction or private sale, and the real estate agent's protocols.
How do I make an offer?

You've found a property you want to buy, but how do you make an offer?

It is important for purchasers to understand the "buyer beware" principle before they purchase a property.
What does buyer beware mean and why is it important when purchasing a property?

A key legal aspect of buying a property is the "buyer beware" principle. Here's what all purchasers need to know.

Important information about when and how to pay the deposit for your newly purchased home.
What do I need to know about paying the deposit?

When and how is the deposit paid for a property purchase?

Various things must be paid for on settlement day, including government charges.
How much do I need to pay on settlement day?

Aside from the rest of the purchase price, there are other things that must be paid for by the purchaser on settlement day.

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