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Buying and selling a home is among the most important financial decisions anyone will make. By sharing our insights over a decade of experience, having assisted thousands of clients, we aim to make the process empowering and stress-free.


Tips, FAQs and pearls of wisdom from 20 years of legal experience. Be empowered to buy, sell and transfer property with confidence.

Various things must be paid for on settlement day, including government charges.
How much do I need to pay on settlement day?

Aside from the rest of the purchase price, there are other things that must be paid for by the purchaser on settlement day.

One of the most important decisions to make is when the settlement date should be. The goal is to ensure that the purchaser will be able to pay the remaining funds owing to the vendor on the settlement date.
FAQ: What should the settlement date be?

One of the most important decisions for a property purchaser to make is when the settlement date should be. The goal is to ensure that the purchaser will be able to pay the remaining funds owing to the vendor on the settlement date.

A caveats is a powerful way to secure an interest in a property.
What is a caveat?

A caveat is a legal notice, registered on the title of a property, declaring that someone has a legal interest in the property.

There are various possible options for how to terminate a conveyancing contract.
Help! How do I terminate a contract?

There are various ways a buyer can possibly terminate a contract before settlement occurs.

Land tax is a legal loophole favouring vendors that purchasers must be aware of.
FAQ: Why does the purchaser need to pay the vendor's land tax bill?

There are many legal loopholes that favour vendors; land tax is one of them.

There are unique complexities, and risks, associated with entering into a licence agreement.
What is a licence agreement?

Sometimes unusual access to a property is required before or after settlement, or in other circumstances. This occurs via a licence agreement.

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Buying a property at an auction?

If you are bidding on a property at an auction, remember the auction rules.

There are two ways to own a property in Victoria: as "joint tenants" or as "tenants in common".
What is the difference between owning a property as joint tenants or as tenants in common?

There are two ways multiple people can own a property in Victoria: as joint tenants or as tenants in common.

Here is a summary of who connects which utilities, and when.
When do I connect / disconnect electricity, gas and water?

A handy summary of who connects the utilities, and when.

A property purchaser has the right to Nominate someone else as the owner on the title.
What is a Nomination, and what does and or Nominee mean?

The purchaser of a property doesn't have to actually own it. They can "nominate" someone else to be the owner on the title.

Settlement is a momentus day for property buyers and sellers. Here's what happens.
What does settlement mean and what happens on settlement day?

Settlement is the conclusion of a property conveyancing transaction.

The members of the Owners Corporation are discussing an issue in their building.
What is an Owners Corporation?

An important aspect of buying a unit or townhouse is understanding how the owners corporation (body corporate) operates, and what information about it must be included in the vendor statement/section 32.

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