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Buying and selling a home is among the most important financial decisions anyone will make. By sharing our insights over a decade of experience, having assisted thousands of clients, we aim to make the process empowering and stress-free.


Tips, FAQs and pearls of wisdom

There are important reasons why a buyer should not sign a Section 27 Deposit Release Statement.
What is a Section 27 Deposit Release Statement?

What do purchasers and vendors need to know about Section 27 Deposit Release Statements?

Buying a property in a hurry can be risky. There are various ways to minimise and limit those risks, while also securing the property.
Help! I need to urgently buy a property.

What are the risks involved with quickly signing a contract to buy a property?

Selling a property can be one of the most important financial decisions you will make. Avoiding mistakes is crucial.
Selling in 2023? Beware these mistakes

In a strong buyer's market, vendors can't afford any mistakes. Here are the top three mistakes we often see vendors making.

Insurance: what buyers and sellers need to know

Insurance - in particular: when to get it, and when to cancel it - is an important consideration when buying and selling a property.

Three big mistakes first home buyers make, and how avoid them - essential reading for anyone interested in buying a property.
The three biggest mistakes first home buyers make

We've assisted thousands of first home buyers. Here are the top three mistakes they make, and how to avoid them.

Here are our top three legal tips when inspecting a property you are considering buying.
Top three tips when inspecting a property

Thoroughly inspecting a property, before you buy it, is extremely important. Here's how to get the most out of your inspection.

There are various ways to make an offer for a property you are interesting in buying. The process depends on whether the property is listed for auction or private sale, and the real estate agent's protocols.
How do I make an offer?

You've found a property you want to buy, but how do you make an offer?

A buyer's advocate can provide invaluable assistance to a prospective purchaser.
What is a buyer's advocate?

What does a buyer's advocate do and how can they assist a purchaser?

Understanding what a cooling off period is and when it does (and doesn't apply) is essential knowledge for prospective home buyers.
What does "cooling off" mean?

If you quickly change your mind about the property you just bought, you can sometimes terminate the contract by "cooling off".

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