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Buying and selling a home is among the most important financial decisions anyone will make. By sharing our insights over a decade of experience, having assisted thousands of clients, we aim to make the process empowering and stress-free.


Tips, FAQs and pearls of wisdom

Buying a "lemon" property can be a financial, logistical and emotional disaster. There are easy ways to avoid buying a dodgy property.
How to avoid buying a bad property

There is no law that requires the vendor to sell you a perfect property: buyer beware!

Not all poperties available to purchase are advertised. How can savvy buyers find opportunities to buy "off market"?
What does buying a property "off market" mean?

Not all properties for sale are advertised - the ones that don't get officially listed for sale are known as "off market" opportunities, and there are lots of those at the moment!

Stamp duty is a hugely important aspect of buying a property. It is important to understand how much it is and when it is paid.
What is stamp duty and when do I pay it?

Stamp duty (also known as land transfer duty) is a tax payable to the Victorian government, when ownership of a property changes hands at settlement.

The most important aspect of buying a property is how you will pay for it. Obtaining sufficient finance approval before you sign a contract, and before a contract becomes "unconditional", is essential.
What do "pre-approval" and "subject to finance approval" mean?

Finance is the most important thing to organise when buying a property, especially before making an offer.

Subject to finance approval
What's the difference between buying a property at auction, or buying via private sale?

There are significant legal and practical differences between buying a property at an auction, or via private sale / Expressions of Interest.

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2023: A Buyer's Market

With property prices falling, more stock on the market and interest rate rises peaking, 2023 promises to be an historic "sweet spot" year to buy a property.

Buying a property is the most important financial and personal decision many people will ever make. Getting a legal review, before signing a contract, is crucial.
Top three legal tips for buying property

It’s easy to get swept up in emotions when you think you’ve found your “forever home”, especially when you’re a first home buyer or you’ve been searching for ages.

Ashmor Legal is backed by twenty years of legal experience, thousands of successful conveyancing transactions and 150+ five-star client reviews.
FAQ: Should I get a building and pest inspection?

Getting an independent building and pest inspection report could save you from buying a lemon (= a financial disaster!).

Each State and Territory in Australia has different conveyancing laws and procedures. Ashmor Legal can assist with conveyancing for Victorian residential properties only.
FAQ: How is buying a property in Victoria different to other States and Territories?

Conveyancing laws and proceedures are different in each State and Territory. That's why we can only assist with Victorian residential properties.

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